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Secondary Market Annuities

Secondary Markets have many names: Structured Settlement Annuities, Secondary Market Income Annuities. These are cash flows, (settlements, Annuities) which are sold to you by owners or entities who have opted to sell their payments for a lump sum. They are not a purchase between you and an insurance company, but between you and the recipient of a stream of cash, facilitated by an attorney and a broker.

Secondary Market Income Payments can be attractive alternatives for those seeking annuity payments immediately or over a future time period of 1-25 years from today. These payments are attractive because their yields are usually higher than those provided by annuities purchased directly from an insurance company. Yields on these payments range from 4-6% today.

Secondary Market Income Payments allow you to buy greater income with a smaller premium. You'll need to stay current on what is being offered as there is a great demand for these annuities and they tend to be snapped up quickly.

Payment Streams are one of the best ways to earn more from your assets and portfolio. We can help you identify the best.

Secondary Market Payments provide:

  • Yields as high as 6%

  • Higher returns with safety

  • Custom Quotes to meet your needs

  • Prompt and Personal Feedback on the status of your cases

  • We advocate on your behalf to keep your cases moving forward in a timely manner

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