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Presented by John Nicholson,
Founder & CEO at
Virtual Advisor Group 

Infinite banking, Be Your Own Bank & Lifetime Income Retirement Plans all have wonderful ways to increase your retirement income, reach out to us to learn how you can have compounding interest and more,

Cash Value Whole Life & Infinite Banking, L.I.R.P. (Lifetime Income Retirement Plan) How To Be Your Own Bank, Access Liquid Cash, Compound Interest And Capitalize On Tax-Free Money

Watch The Video For The Step-By-Step Strategy And How You Can Learn How To Take Advantage Of These Plans Now (You Really Can't Miss This...)

  • Creating permanent family wealth comes from focusing on the correct financial principles of control, compounding interest, guarantees, increased returns, reduced risk, and lower taxes. All of these are working together are the only ways to avoid financial hardships from market crashes or life changing events.

  • ​Whole life, Universal Life, Infinite Banking, Lifetime Income Retirement Plan, (L.I.R.P.) Cash Value and others like this are not for everybody the system is for people willing to follow the plan. Not follow the latest fad or guru who claims you don't need this. These policies and plans would not have survived and continued for the hundred or so years they have been in existence if they did not meet their goals. You must  do the following: 1) Be open minded 2) Be teachable 3) Invest in yourself. If you can happily do these three things, this may be the best time ever for you to learn about a Whole life, Universal Life Lifetime Income Retirement Plan or Infinite Banking.

  • These types of policies are for those who want a solid financial foundation, effective living benefits, tax-free retirement benefits, and who are ready to take their investments and planning to the next level through having multiple assets and understand how to effectively use them when one asset or another may dip they have created another class of asset which will not be dragged down by the first or failing asset.

  • ​This isn't for people who are not interested in investing in themselves. This system of multiple assets works. You have to invest in yourself in order for it to work (I don't want to put yourself or your family in a financial bind).

  • ​The goal of the plan is for a comfortable retirement, if you think bitcoin or the stock market, real estate and other stand alone asset classes is the answer then this plan is probably not for you yet. This plan is for people who realize that multiple streams of income are  the only guaranteed path to success. Have you ever heard of the term "don't keep all your eggs in one basket"? This financial plan provides for a safe path towards retirement through compounding interest not the risks of other asset classes. This type of planning is for those who see a bigger vision, want to pay less in future taxes, and want to make an impact in their own life and in the lives of their loved ones and leave a legacy for generations to come.

Why Do You Need A Lifetime Income Retirement Plan? And Why Is Now The Greatest Time Ever To Start?

  • Rising Interest rates are both a good and bad scenario, while money borrowing as a consumer may create a more costly interest rate for you these types of plans allow you to borrow at a lower rate than a lender but more importantly contribute to your retirement tax free in most cases.  Consider that federal taxes have been as high as 94%. Today, that maximum tax rate is much lower at 37%. But, it won't last long. In 2026 there is a high probability that taxes are going up. Why? Because most of the 2018 tax changes that lowered taxes and temporary. In addition, the U.S. has a rapidly increasing debt problem...well over $32,000,000,000,000. There's also tremendous financial pressure on government programs such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and the 100's of other government programs. How do these compounding problems get solved? With higher taxes.

  • Safest & best place to put your money... ​For over 100 years this has been called, "The World's Safest Industry". Universal Life Whole Life Cash Value Life (L.I.R.P.) and Infinite Banking are all different terms for almost the same thing backed and secured by some of the oldest companies in America. A select handful of these mutual life insurance companies have been around for over 140 years. Permanent insurance is recession-proof. An Infinite Banking portfolio will not drop when then stock market drops. The guarantees are not tied to the stock market. This allows you more certainty and predictability in your financial plan.

  •  ​Accessing cash in your qualified plans such as a (401k, IRA, 403b, TSP, etc.) without paying tax or an early 10% penalty will probably be difficult. Having your own lifetime income retirement plan to borrow against at a lower market rate than a bank to pay yourself back over time probably is a no brainer if you are here and understand the multiple income streams method. These type of plans allow you to access cash anytime and penalty free.

  • Learn more about your own lifetime income retirement plan from the Expert...John has been insurance licensed since 2008, as an independent agent has written thousands of insurance policies. Life insurance is not just a death benefit for clients, but even more important a financial plan for generations to come. 

  • Tax-Free buckets of money... Most savers and investors allocate a portion of their paycheck to 401k and IRA's, the typical savings vehicle for most people. The problem with these retirement plans is that they are volatile with no guarantees, riddled with fees, and are tax-deferred. Ask yourself this question: What will my tax rate be in retirement? If your answer is "I don't know", then you're not alone, because no one knows. That's why you must have tax-free buckets of money to hedge against the unknowns.

  • What this means for you... Peace of mind, the ability to be your own bank, a future you can feel good about, and overall solid financial strategies based on correct financial principles. You can now win the financial game.

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